zondag 27 januari 2013

Arcade fire & Pumpkin Pie.

Since a few months, I can't stop listen to this band; Arcade fire, I think they are amazing, and their sound is wicked. If you haven't heard them yet, stop reading this blog and go to youtube and listen one of their albums like Neon Bible or the Suburbs. And then please listen to the whole album, because that is what I love to do, because it's like they take you on a journey. I love to see them live, but since I'm from the Netherlands, that's not going to happen very soon :(.

The Suburbs - Arcade Fire bron: 'Tumblr.com'

Yesterday, I planned on baking a Pumpkin Pie with my mother, because I was very interested how it would taste, since I have never eaten one. So, I searched for a good recipe, I found one, wrote down the ingredients and went shopping. But all Pumpkins were sold out, which was a big disappointment. I know it's not pumpkin season anymore, but my mother said they still were in stores last week, so I was set on making it. Now I have to postpone my plans, maybe untill next fall, when it becomes pumpkin season again, so now I have to do it with pictures of  the pumpkin pie.

Bron 'weheartit.com'

Which music are you listening to currently? And what food have you never tasted, but want to very badly?

Excuses for my bad English, but I'm from the Netherlands so forgive me.


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