zaterdag 8 juni 2013

PLL and Summer.

Pretty Little Liars returns in three days! It's amazing how fast time goes, we had to wait for three months and now it's only three days. I'm so excited. Are you also curious what the girls will find in the trunk of the policecar?

Aria, Emily, and Spencer in shock during the PLL Season 3 finale
Photo by ABC family/ Pretty little liars.

Who will it be, I think it's a person because of the episode pictures they have released, where they all in black. Which looks like they were going to a funeral. But who? Maybe Jason? Since he's the only one left from the N A T club, and we haven't seen him for a long time.
But maybe it's not a dead body at all, that would be a little bit dissapointing. But we will see, in three days!

Also summer vacation is coming, which means free time. I'm still not sure what I want to do in my vacation, go with my parents on a vacation or work and maybe take a few little trips. But I have three weeks, and we never book in advance so I have time to think. One thing, I surely want to do is going to the beach. Since I was a little girl I loved the beach and the sea and the sand between my feet. I just love it there.

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Love from the Netherlands

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